Shraddha Children Hospital was founded in 2010. Dr. Kiran Shah established the clinic with the idea of treating all the children’s ailments with love, care, and dedication. The hospital has treated more than thousands of kids with various mental and physical health issues. 

Dr. Kiran Shah is the founder of Shraddha Children Hospital and has been working diligently since its inception. The hospital is well-equipped with various facilities sufficient to handle various kids’ concerns. 

Their nursing staff works hard to comfort the young patients at the hospital. They are known to go the extra mile to make the kids feel special. Dr. Kiran Shah celebrates kids’ birthdays every month to connect with the kids on a deeper level. 

He has always believed in the idea of gentle parenting and has never favored the idea of punishing kids. With his extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, he has led the hospital successfully to date.