Expert Doctors

Dr. Kiran Shah is the founder of Shraddha Children Hospital and has been practicing as a pediatrician for over ten years. With these many years of experience, he has gained valuable insight on how to tackle all the problems your kid might be experiencing in his or her early life. He believes in healing the child from within, and to implement this, he constantly upgrades his knowledge of the field. Shraddha Children Hospital also has a dental care facility which is led by an expert dentist to make sure your kid’s oral health is taken care of. There are certain child health concerns that need surgical improvement. But, with Dr. Kiran Shah’s guidance, some of the concerns can be handled without a pediatric surgeon.

Modern Hospital

Dr. Kiran Shah’s Shraddha Children Hospital offers access to all the modern technology and instruments for your child’s healthcare. From dental checkup room to take care of your child’s pearly whites to an NICU to take care of the preemies to name a few, Shraddha Children hospital is laced with all the modern amenities. It has all the facilities that you require when your child is not well. Shraddha Children Hospital is ran by Dr. Kiran Shah who is a children specialist based in Ahmedabad.