As a parent, you go through an extreme level of stress and anxiety when you discover your child’s blood disorder or cancer condition. 

Our doctors and medical staff genuinely understand this pain and overwhelming situation. That is why we level up our guards and therapeutic actions when it comes to treating cancer and its related diseases. 

What Is Pediatric Hematology :

Pediatric hematology is a specially dedicated department in our hospital for cancer and blood disorders. We have some of the best pediatricians, surgeons, neurosurgeons, oncologists, and professionally trained nurses to help our little patients with their battle of cancer.

What Our Pediatric Hematology Department Deals With :

Our hospital deals with different complex cancer types and blood disorders, and some of the major ones are :

What We Include In Our Hematology Department Services :

With every viable treatment and technology, we aim to bring back every patient from the cancer journey to a healthy life, and that has been our aim from the beginning.