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About Dr. Kiran Shah’s Shraddha Children Hospital

The inception of Shraddha Children Hospital dates back to the year 2010. Dr. Kiran Shah started practicing as a pediatrician and a child specialist in 2010 and has been diligently and relentlessly working towards the children healthcare and facilities they offer. With an experience of over ten years in children healthcare, Dr. Kiran Shah is considered to be one of the topmost pediatricians in Isanpur area of Ahmedabad. He believes in treating the child with love and care.

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Modern Hospital

Modern Hospital

Dr. Kiran Shah’s Shraddha Children Hospital offers access to all the modern technology and instruments for your child’s healthcare. From dental checkup room to take care of your child’s pearly whites to an NICU to take care of the preemies to name a few, Shraddha Children hospital is laced with all the modern amenities. It has all the facilities that you require when your child is not well. Shraddha Children Hospital is ran by Dr. Kiran Shah who is a children specialist based in Ahmedabad.

Expert Doctors

Expert Doctors

Dr. Kiran Shah is the founder of Shraddha Children Hospital and has been practicing as a pediatrician for over ten years. With these many years of experience, he has gained valuable insight on how to tackle all the problems your kid might be experiencing in his or her early life. He believes in healing the child from within, and to implement this, he constantly upgrades his knowledge of the field. Shraddha Children Hospital also has a dental care facility which is led by an expert dentist to make sure your kid’s oral health is taken care of. There are certain child health concerns that need surgical improvement. But, with Dr. Kiran Shah’s guidance, some of the concerns can be handled without a pediatric surgeon.

Advance Technology

Advance Technology

Dr. Kiran Shah’s Shraddha Children Hospital has all the modern amenities and facilities that make it one of the top children hospitals in Ahmedabad. We have exchange transfusion, multipara monitors, pediatric dental department, pulse oximeter and glucometer to name a few. We believe in offering everything here so that you can be with your children while we take care of them.



Regardless of what time of day or night it is, the doors of Shraddha Children Hospital are always open to help your child grow out of all the problems he or she must be facing. We are available 24/7 to treat your child’s illnesses. As you enter the premises of Shraddha Children Hospital, you can rest assured that your child is in safe and able hands of Dr. Kiran Shah

Shraddha Children Hospital - Why Choose Us?

We, at Shraddha Children Hospital, aim to provide the best healthcare for your child. Dr. Kiran Shah is one of the most efficient, successful, skillful and experienced doctors who can heal your child like no one. He has seen and treated various medical conditions successfully which has only added feathers in his cap over the years. He is one of the topmost pediatricians in the city who prefers working with finesse. Also, he is known to go out of his way in various ways to make your child smile as the treatment comes to a close.

Along with Dr. Kiran Shah’s extensive experience in children healthcare, Shraddha Children hospital takes pride in offering facilities like:

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We approach our kids with a lot of Tender Loving Care to ensure healing and growth in all the aspects that surround your child.

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Possible with Shraddha Children Hospital

Well Baby Care

Nutrition Counselling

Developmental Assessment

Sick Care Visit

Bed Wetting Clinic

Bed Wetting Clinic

Vaccination Center

Allergy & Asthma

Prenatal Counselling


Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

The birth of a baby is a very sensitive and emotional process. After leaving the mother’s womb, the baby’s organs should function well on his own. But in some cases, things do not always go as they should.

Double surface Phototherapy

Double Surface Phototherapy is a modern technique to treat Jaundice in newborn babies. Jaundice is a medical name of a disease when you find your baby’s skin turning into pale yellowish color.

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

At Shraddha Children Hospital, Dr. Kiran Shah tries his best to treat the delicate patients on the medical floor with effective treatments and medication.

Nebulization Therapy

Nebulization therapy is one of the most recommended therapies for asthma patients. Whenever we diagnose any child with breathing concerns, we tend to implement every possible effective treatment to release him from pain.

Pediatric Hematology

As a parent, you go through an extreme level of stress and anxiety when you discover your child’s blood disorder or cancer condition. 

Growth and Dietary Consultation Clinic

At Shraddha hospital, we have a special division for growth and diet consultation to lead children towards perfect health development during their initial growing stage of life. 

Pediatric Surgery

The word Pediatric surgery can be terrifying for any parent, and it can be hard on your child as well. But some critical situations leave us with no choice but surgery to fight for health and life.


The radiology department of our hospital is very well structured and powered with the best in market equipment and tools to provide diagnostic imaging solutions to our infant, children, and teen patients. 

Pediatric Neurology and Developmental Pediatrics

Every child is special. But some kids do not have the luxury of normal growth and development cycle. In the medical field, this is related to neurological development science…

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