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Professional NICU Services

The birth of a baby is a very sensitive and emotional process. After leaving the mother’s womb, the baby’s organs should function well on his own. But in some cases, things do not always go as they should.

Because of certain factors, sometimes, a preterm born or medically sick baby requires special care that can only be provided through NICU.

What is NICU ?

NICU has dedicated intensive care units where your little angel can get all the care and medication to start a healthy life. Our intensive care units are well equipped with advanced technology and tools to provide the best for our tiny patients.

It is a dimly lit and quiet room where we keep incubators along with ventilators, machinery, monitors, cool beds, and our best team of professionals.

So, if you are looking for the best caring place for your premature born baby or unhealthy baby, then Shraddha Hospital’s NICU is the ideal option for you.

Your baby will be taken care of by our best neonatologists, experienced doctors, specialist nurses, and fantastic staff who know how to respect their jobs’ sensitivity with your precious little ones.