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Double Surface Phototherapy Services

Double Surface Phototherapy is a modern technique to treat Jaundice in newborn babies. Jaundice is a medical name of a disease when you find your baby’s skin turning into pale yellowish color.


Our hospital is prepared with modern machinery that performs different levels of Surface Phototherapy to treat this condition.

What is Double Surface Phototherapy ?

Double surface phototherapy is an effective treatment where we cure our baby patients with light therapy. We cover their eyes with special patches or an eye mask to protect them from the light.

It is a continuous therapy where the blue light will break the complex bilirubin into compounds that are easier to eliminate through urine and stool. We gently send blue light from two surfaces and ensure the maximum dissolution of bilirubin.

Our expert doctors will carry out this whole treatment of Jaundice, and your baby will stay under strict observation of our skilled medical staff so that you can stay assured.