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Pediatric Intensive Care Services

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is a very similar section of the hospital to NICU and ICU. The PICU is a room where we treat babies and children older than newborns who require extra special observation and treatment.

Our multifaceted Pediatric intensive care unit is always prepared with advanced equipment and well-trained medical staff with leading doctors to cure high-level sickness and injuries.

Critical scenarios where your child needs intensive care unit:

  • Certain heart problems
  • Critical breathing issues
  • Severe injuries
  • Uncontrollable infections
  • Unstable body functions

At Shraddha Children Hospital, Dr. Kiran Shah tries his best to treat the delicate patients on the medical floor with effective treatments and medication. But sometimes things can only improve with tender loving care.

Therefore, to ensure a maximum and speedy recovery, we suggest a Pediatric intensive care unit at Shraddha Children Hospital. Dr. Kiran Shah brings extensive experience of ten years which can help your child with all the auxiliary supplements and knowledgeable staff. He is an expert pediatrician who believes in personal touch and the power of love and care.